Value Analysis

The GlobalSolarHybrid is not for all companies or all applications. It is intended for companies that require uninterrupted power in remote locations every day of the year. Obviously, the cost of operating a SolarHybrid over a PV-only system will vary depending on where it is placed and the amount of sunlight this location receives. If your business depends on this power source running consistently, cost may be justified regardless of the cost equation.

The charts below show the average capital cost of a GlobalSolarHybrid versus a PV system in different locations based on average solar radiation level each receives. The areas chosen represent locations where GlobalSolarHybrids are popularly used. We hope these samples help you think about cost and benefits at your remote sites.

"We are in business to solve, and get energized by solving our customers' technical challenges. This solution is optimized for the customer's location, reduces the PV array and battery footprint, while protecting the battery investment and greatly increases the system uptime compared to traditional solar and battery installations. Our standard or custom SolarHybrid products are engineered to provide a highly reliable solution for the harshest environments on the planet. This is our brand and what our customers get with 40 years of experience in remote power."

Jim Kelsall, Gentherm Global Power Technologies' Engineering Manager
The typical reduction in solar array costs (30%), and batteries (50%), covers the capital for the backup generator.