Hybrid Models

Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) has designed two standard models based on the amount of sun hours the system might receive daily when days are shortest. The 2000 series is designed for average solar radiation levels greater than 4 peak sun hours a day, and the 3000 series for areas with 3-4 sun hours a day. Creating standard configurations allows GPT to give customers the lowest price as possible.

Download the GlobalSolarHybrid brochure (1.9 MB)

All GPT solutions are designed to give you the greatest flexibility, with highest reliability and lowest maintenance requirements to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Custom Solutions

In addition to GPT's of-the-shelf suite of SolarHybrid models, we are one of the industry's leading designers of custom hybrids. Where one of our pre-engineered models isn't ideal for the customer's particular situation, our highly skilled team will work with the customer to define a unique system for their application. For example, one customer required a special PV panel rack and battery box to accommodate other systems at their site using their unique specifications. GPT responded by providing those custom components fully integrated into the hybrid system delivered. For larger hybrids, or site-specific requirements that are not addressed in standard models, GPT will design a system to match those requirements no matter what the challenge might be.

All systems include:
  • PV panels, mounts, poles
  • TEG, TEG pole
  • Battery and Battery Box
  • All interconnect wiring
The typical reduction in solar array costs (30%), and batteries (50%), covers the capital for the backup generator.