It's natural to think a GlobalSolarHybrid would go in a cold northerly location because this is a challenging environment for solar systems but they have challenges in other areas of the world as well. Deserts are often hot and sunny but you may be surprised to learn that solar systems face difficulty based on the amount of sand, dust and extreme heat they endure. Mountainous locations, heavily vegetated locations, rain forests and areas where theft is an issue, are all places where a GlobalSolarHybrid can provide the perfect combination of green and reliability.

Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) has spent over 40 years designing ultra-reliable remote power systems for some of the harshest environments on earth. In the last few years our team has received an increasing number of requests to turn pure PV systems into GlobalSolarHybrids or to purchase a GlobalSolarHybrids as a standard product. We share some of these stories with you below.

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Alaska Fish & Game
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JRT Wave
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Grant Country
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Our clients are focusing on minimal impact to the environment... but it's not practical to go with a solar-only type solution in some regions, particularly the north. The marriage of the two technologies minimizes the impact of the environment, but still maintains a reliable power source for critical equipment.

— Bruce Arneson, Manager of Instrumentation and Control at CH2M Hill
The typical reduction in solar array costs (30%), and batteries (50%), covers the capital for the backup generator.